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GSC Savings Accumulation Program

GSAP is a savings program that assists to accumulate into Precious Metals (pool-allocated holdings) on a daily basis based on the GSC 10am Reference Price automatically in a Dollar-Cost Averaging method. The system will buy more when the metal price is lower and buy lesser when the metal price is higher.  It is suitable for everyone –young, savvy or even institutional investors seeking to accumulate their Precious Metals Holdings in physical Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Leveraging on Dollar Cost Averaging, it helps the client buy more when prices are low and fewer metal ounces when prices are high. Upon the maturity of their savings plan, clients can choose to convert their holdings to physical or sell their holdings to receive cash.

It makes investing in Precious Metals easy and automated! With its specially designed system, it helps the client buy more when prices are low and less metal ounces when prices are high. Effectively, GSAP helps clients to stay focused on their Precious Metals Accumulation Plan.

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S$100 per Precious Metal, per month.

You may sell anytime you like during or after the accumulation period as long as it is within the GSC operating hours.
Taking Physical Delivery can be done anytime during or after the accumulation period as long as there is stock available for the denomination (weight) that you would like to take delivery against.
Just call or email to indicate your plans on your accumulated holdings and we assist you.

You may take physical delivery of your accumulated metal(s) among the coins and bars available at the point in time. Upon deciding on the type of physical to take delivery, a premium cost is incurred.

2.5% per annum of Storage charges will be charged day-on-day for your Precious Metals accumulated.
A premium of the physical goods incurred upon taking physical delivery against the holdings accumulated. The premium amount depends on the physical items taking delivery.

  • How are the Storage Charges calculated?
  • The storage charges are calculated day-on-day as the holdings accumulating daily (business days). It is calculated based on the amount of the holding as of the day and based on the GSC 10am Reference Price to multiply by the 2.5% per annum. The Storage Charges will be billed monthly and they will be paid from your accumulated holdings. Therefore, no additional funds required unless otherwise discussed.

GSC 10AM Reference Price is the offer price extracted from GSC Live! at 10AM local time.

  • Where can it be found?

This price can be found here and is the price that the GSAP system uses to automatically

accumulate the Precious Metals that they have planned to accumulate.

  • Why is it different from others?

Depending on the business operation of each bullion dealer, a different Price feed may be used, therefore the difference in the Reference Price.

The Precious Metals are stored securely within GSC Vault Networks, including the Le Freeport at Changi.

A monthly statement, summarizing your accumulated holdings together with the mark-to-market value of your holdings will be sent on the 1st business day of the following month.

Yes, however, there will be an early account closure fee of $50 applies.

All Precious Metal(s) held in The Client’s GSAP Account is the legal property of The Client. This clause can be found in the GoldSilver Central Savings Accumulation Program Service Agreement here.

GoldSilver Central is backed by a management team and board of directors with strong financial expertise and experience in physical bullion investments.  GSC has been awarded Authorised Distributorship for Perth Mint products and also the Authorised Dealer for the Government Guaranteed Perth Mint Certificate Program.
GoldSilver Central is also a current local associate corporate member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA), formed in 1993 to support Singapore’s goal to be a physical bullion hub in Southeast Asia.
Since 2019, GSC is one of the Regulated Dealers under the Precious Stones and Precious Metals (Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) Act 2019 ("PSPM Act")

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