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We have come to the end of 2021, let’s look back at how this year started. Many were hopeful as they believed that the Covid pandemic that has “washed out” 2020 would be over, and with Gold prices setting a new high last year, many expected an even higher price set this year. So how

Read English Version 身在贵金属行业的我最常被问到的问题之一就是我该投资哪一个好。相信这也是很多刚开始接触贵金属的投资者们心中有的一个疑问。很抱歉我得老实告诉你,这个问题没有一个标准对的答案。不过俗话说的好,做生不如做熟。套用在投资上,你投资一种自己比较熟悉的产品绝对比道听途说而去投资一种自己完全不了解的商品来的好吧? 在亚洲尤其是东南亚国家,相信黄金是大家都比较熟悉的一种商品。它可以是以实体的首饰,摆设,金币,金条等方式存在我们身边。也可以是以虚拟的金融工具和金融衍生产品(derivatives)如股票,期货,交易所指数基金(ETF)等形式被用于在各大金融机构和交易平台上进行买卖。 如果你现在正考虑投资一笔资金在贵金属上,那我会推荐你从黄金开始。不是说其他的贵金属如白银铂金甚至钯和铑等不好,而是说到投资我们应该考虑两个重要的因素: 流动性(liquidity)和买卖差价率(buy/sell spread)。就这两个关键点来切入的话我个人认为投资黄金是对新手比较有利的。毕竟谁也不想投资了一样商品然后发现很难卖出去或市价的涨幅赶不上买卖的差价率吧?而黄金很好的解决了这两个难题。没有一间金店当铺或经销商如我们会拒绝购入你的黄金(除非你透过非法途径获取或你所购入的黄金的制造商被列入国际“黑名单”)。而最保值的投资用1公斤金条的买卖差价率大概是在2.20%左右。根据近几年的金价涨幅表现来看,追上这2.20%不是一个太难达到的目标。 当然凡事没有绝对,这世界上没有稳赚不赔的生意。如果你买入的是实体黄金如金币或金条等,那可以一直持有并保存到金价回升至你转亏为盈。如果您购买了虚拟黄金并面临价格暴跌的动荡市场,您可能会面临账面上的亏损或者在最坏的情况下被强行平仓(俗话说被砍掉,直接血本无归欲哭无泪惨兮兮)。 当你比较熟悉投资黄金以后,慢慢的你可以多了解其他的贵金属从而购入来多样化你的贵金属投资组合(portfolio diversification)。因为不同的贵金属在不同的时期,市场需求等因素下表现也是会不一样的。不过我们一直秉持着合理投资这个信念,所以并不建议你把全部多余的资金都投入到贵金属里哦。 今天暂时就分享到这里,我们下回见!有什么疑问欢迎在我们的留言区留言并一起讨论哦。     Maya

阅读中文版本 One of the most frequently asked questions I get in the precious metals industry is – which precious metal should I be investing in? I believe this is also a question that is constantly on the minds of investors who are new to precious metals. Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you that

There are 2 types of dollar-cost averaging, reading on can help determine which type of dollar-cost averaging is being used by yourself. We understand that dollar-cost averaging works as the name says it, averaging out the price with every purchase you make, using a fixed amount of money per day to make purchases. For example,

Most clients, including our colleagues within GSC, are interested in comparing these 3 options (collateral loans, bank loans & P2P lending) available in the market when it comes to raising funds to tide through difficult periods. A very legitimate question raised often by interested clients, why would a client opt for GSC Collateral Loan Program

Introduction: What is the Purpose of Having Gold in my Portfolio?   Gold is widely valued as a wealth preservation asset, functioning as a hedge against risks faced from the exposure of your other assets and therefore, is a fantastic diversification tool to have for any portfolio. I am sure most of us bought health

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