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This National Day will be different from what we have been used to annually due to the global pandemic. However, this is a good time when we as Singaporeans can all unite and stand together!#SGUnited To lighten up the spirits and join in the celebrations, we have specially curated a promotion to celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday! Let’s have a look at one of the featured products; the iconic 1965-1975 Singapore Mint 10th Anniversary of Independence Gold Coins Set.

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Republic of Singapore on 9th August 1975, the Board of Commissioners of Currency Singapore made a special issue of 3 legal tender gold coins, released on 3rd February 1975.


The Gold coins are set in 900 fineness and are in denominations of $100, $250 and $500 respectively. The coin obverse bears the Republic Coat of Arms with the figures “1965-1975” and encircled by the words “10th Anniversary- Republic of Singapore”. The coins were struck by the Singapore Mint, a division of Chartered Industries of Singapore Pte Ltd.


1965-1975 Singapore Mint 10th Anniversary of Independence Gold Coin 34.7g

Modern Singapore which was first named “Singapura” (Lion City), symbolized by the stylised version of a lion’s head on the reverse of the $500 Singapore legal tender Gold Coin. Each coin contains not less than 1 troy oz of fine gold.

Diameter: 34.5mm Thickness: 2.6mm Weight: 34.7g

1965-1975 Singapore Mint 10th Anniversary of Independence Gold Coin 17.5g

Multi-racialism of the Republic is symbolized by the four clasped hands on the reverse of the $250 Gold Coin. Each coin contains not less than 1/2 troy oz of fine gold.

Diameter: 28.4mm Thickness: 2.2mm Weight: 17.5g


1965-1975 Singapore Mint 10th Anniversary of Independence Gold Coin 6g

Singapore’s successful housing programme is symbolized on the reverse of the $100 Gold Coin by 2 blocks of high rise flats. Each coin contains not less than 0.175 troy oz of fine gold.

Diameter: 19.4mm Thickness: 1.6mm Weight: 6g


This coin set is perfect for history enthusiasts or Singaporeans who want to relive part of Singapore growing years. Due to its limited mintage, it is very unlikely that we would be able to replenish the stock once they are sold out. These rare coins will not only add beauty and value to any coin collection but also own a part of Singapore’s history!

*Customers are allowed to purchase a single item instead of set.




In this article, we will delve into some of the features that distinguish Proof coins from the regular bullion coins. Whether you are looking to collecting or new to proof coins, this will help you make a delightful purchase decision.


Proof coins are recognized for their stunning, sharp, detailed presentation. This is achieved by using hand-finished die to strike Proof coins and the dies are constantly re-polished to ensure the intricate details of the design. Due to the high amount of manual work such as inspection and cleaning, only 50 Proof coins can be struck in an hour. Thanks to the immaculate production process, proof coins are the finest quality commemorative coins.


The main reason to own Proof coins are:

Rarity: Unlike the bullion coins, Proof coins are limited in mintage due to the additional manual work and time-consuming production process as compared to minting a bullion coin.


Price: Generally, Proof coins have a higher premium as they carry a more defined presentation, quality and exceptional finish. For collectors who value beauty, Proof coins are well worth the premium. Moreover, due to its limited mintage, some of these proof coins might appreciate greatly in value as collectors would like to get their hands on one. Especially if they missed out on it previously, they would be willing to pay much more for it to complete their collection.


Appearance: Instead of being struck once, Proof coins are struck twice in order to give the coins a shinier, sculpted foreground and intricate appearance. The mirror-like surfaces and detailed sharp features distinguishes them from the regular coins.


Packaging: Proof coins are encased in a protective capsule and packaged beautifully in a gift box and this makes it a thoughtful gift especially for birthdays or anniversaries.


Proof coins are aesthetically crafted works of art. If you are interested in knowing more or purchasing some Proof coins, stay tuned for our National Day Promotion next week! We will be featuring the dazzling collectibles from the Perth Mint.



Today, we briefly explore a different topic – the merits of Fractional Ownership in Precious Metals


Do you legally own half a home with your spouse? Do you have friends “co-owning” a private yacht? That is fractional ownership, where the ownership of an asset is shared by several parties. This form of partial ownership allows them to share the benefit that comes with the asset. Typically, this occurs most often when a sole owner does not require usage of the asset 24/7. Simply think of “your yacht” in Singapore, it’s highly unlikely you will wish to sail 24/7. Of course, there are other reasons to pursue fractional ownership, such as inability / reluctance to own the full asset.


The application of Fractional Ownership to Physical Precious Metals (PM) is not new. A common form would be Pool Allocated Gold where the physical gold is set aside in a segregated pool and clients have the option to purchase smaller denominations. A group of PM investors coming together to co-own a pool of physical Gold. Sounds like Fractional Ownership doesn’t it? For eg, clients can purchase 0.1oz Pool Allocated Gold on our GSC Live! Platform and they will own 0.1oz worth of physical Gold (either bars or coins) within our GSC Vault Network.


So, if the concept of Fractional Ownership in PM isn’t new, what is the big deal then?  Well, the key is seeing how we can apply the concept of Fractional Ownership to our PM strategies. How does Fractional Ownership help a PM investor achieve his objectives? It is simple. By converting a specific piece of physical gold to a pool allocated format, we have taken that first step (and arguably a tough one) of converting your inflexible gold to a form that offers more flexibility. And this flexibility brings about more options. Let us explain what we mean.


Imagine being able to sell 0.1oz of gold at a time instead of the whole 1oz gold bar; and being able to set aside funds on a monthly basis to accumulate your gold bit by bit, without incurring the huge markup premiums of small denominated physical gold. (Of course, one can argue that you can achieve the same results and receive gold exposure by going into ETFs but that depends on its structure. You may not be really holding Gold after all. This is an exciting topic for another time!) Fractionalizing your Gold allows you to “enter/exit” the market at multiple price points and that itself opens a lot of options.


Clients multiply their single traditional option of “buy low sell high” to many more options on what to do with their PM assets. For instance, instead of only being able to sell 100% of my Gold bar at the current price, I could instead opt to sell 50% of my Pool Allocated Gold and leave the remaining 50% for continued price exposure. If I am on a monthly budget (setting aside $200 every month), I could also be applying a strategy to buy $200 worth of Gold monthly and accumulate up to 100g worth before taking delivery of 1 x 100g gold bar. This allows a PM investor to stack up their purchases at minimal costs. Previously, an alternative would be to buy a physical 2g gold bar monthly and incur huge premiums. (If you are interested, check out our GSC Savings Accumulation Programme where our clients perform minimal-premiums accumulations automatically on a DAILY basis!)


One thing to note though, just by fractionalizing your gold into tiny bits does nothing for you. It’s about how you use that ability of fractionally dividing up your assets that makes it powerful.


So that is it, a short discussion on Fractional Ownership in Gold. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. Stay tuned for more updates and discussions.



To keep this article short, we did not discuss the various differences between Pool Allocated and Allocated Gold. There are many online articles available but if you are interested in a deeper conversation, please feel free to approach us via email ( or phone (+65 6222 9703).




What is Mintage of a Coin and how does it affect the value of the coin?

When we talk about mintage of a coin, we are referring to the number of copies issued of a coin during a period. Usually bullion coins for e.g. the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic and etc (excluding those special edition, commemorative edition and etc from the same mint) have unlimited mintage throughout the year. Does the mintage of a coin affect a buyer for bullion then?

Well to be honest it might not affect you if you are investing in investment grade bullion coins instead of numismatic coins. However, we categorized some coins as “semi-numismatic” and generally the mintage does affect the value of the coin. These are coins that have both characteristics of a bullion and numismatic coin. A quick example, in 2019 the total mintage of American Eagle silver coin 1oz was 15,032,000 pcs whereas the Australian Lunar silver coin 1oz had a maximum mintage of only 300,000 pcs. Although Australian Lunar silver coin is a bullion, the mintage is 50 times less than American Eagle silver coin and it has a different design every year based on the Chinese Zodiac. The Lunar series from Australia is well sought after by investors and usually these investors would want to complete their collection if they missed out or couldn’t purchase a particular year. Hence are willing to pay a higher premium in order to collect them. This creates a numismatic value on top of its metal value.

Another interesting example, in 2018, the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin 1oz had a mintage of 318,334 pcs. In contrast, the Mexican Libertad gold coin 1oz mintage was only at 2050 pcs. That is approximately 155 times less than the Austrian Philharmonic, and although the Libertad design every year is the same, this low mintage results in a higher demand. Thus premiums for Libertad Gold coins are generally way higher as well and years with lower mintages will command a much higher premium.

Does this mean that those who bought these “semi-numismatic” coins can sell it at a premium in future considering it has added numismatic value? This really depends on who you are looking to sell it to. If you are selling it to coin collectors or coin dealers who are willing to pay high premiums for a relatively rare coin, then the answer is yes, you can get more than the metal value. But if you are selling to a bullion dealer, most of the time they only recognize the metal value of the coin. They might bid at a higher price, but it might still be far off from your expected price.

When it comes to investment, we always encourage clients to do more research and plan their exit strategy. If you are planning to get a bullion coin as an investment and intend to sell it off when precious metal prices are higher to earn some profit, a bullion coin that doesn’t have a mintage cap might be a better choice as it tends to have lower premiums. If you prefer something different and you have contacts to someone who is interested with numismatic or semi-numismatic coin, then it might be a good idea to consider semi-numismatic or numismatic coins.



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