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GSC Live! Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

GSC Live! provides you with the ultimate combination of accessibility & convenience to purchase and sell Physical Gold, Silver and Platinum online in SGD or USD based on the current spot prices with thin spreads.

Products available on the platform are created to give users more control over the weight they are looking to invest in with 1/10oz Gold contract, 1/10oz Platinum contracts and 5oz Silver contracts.

Many investors prefer this option as they are able to have full control over their orders at the click of a button, 24/5 during the week, instead of having to login through the online website and checking out the specific products.

It provides them with instant access to the Gold, Silver and Platinum Spot Prices. They are also able to access features such as placing Buy/Sell Limit Orders, Chart Indicators and more to assist with their purchases.

For instance, clients are able to place “pre-orders” for gold contracts at prices lower than the prevailing market price, which are automatically filled when their desired price levels have been reached.

Ability to take physical delivery of your Gold, Silver and/or Platinum holdings

Brokerages have no physical delivery - they only offer paper Gold. Hence, your only way to liquidate via brokerages would be to sell your holdings back to them and purchase physical holdings separately.

On the GSC Live! platform, you can take physical delivery of the gold, silver or platinum in various sizes and brands.

You can bring your bullion home with you or store the bullion with us. Click here to see more details on our storage program.

You can view the whole list of physical gold, silver or platinum bullion you can take physical delivery of via our online shop:

More contract size choices for you to choose from

Most brokerages only have a minimum of 1 troy ounce contracts for Gold and Platinum, and 50 troy ounces for Silver. On the GSC Live! platform, you are given more control and flexibility for contract sizes.

Contract sizes on GSC Live! starts from 1/10th oz (3.11g) for Gold and Platinum, and 5 oz for Silver. Clients have the option to “stack” their purchases over time as well, allowing them flexibility on their entry prices too.

For example, if a client wants to purchase 1 troy ounce worth of Gold total via the platform, he/she can spread his purchase 10 separate times of 1/10th oz contract. Hence, he/she is given more control over his market entry per contract.

We accept both USD and SGD. If you would like access to both USD and SGD accounts, we will create 2 accounts in its respective currencies for you.

Herein, you would also have 2 login IDs and passwords.

Rest assured. All Precious Metal(s) held in your GSC Live! platform is the legal property of yours.

This clause can also be found in the GSC Live! agreement form here.

When you transact over the GSC Live! platform, you are purchasing into the GSC Vault Network on a Pooled Allocated basis.

GSC Vault network includes every GoldSilver Central vault, which means any vault, authorized depository or other secured facility utilized by GoldSilver Central for the fulfillment of its bailment, storage and logistics obligation and undertakings.

For the avoidance of doubt, all Precious Metals held in your GSC Live! Account is your legal property and this is further emphasized in GoldSilver Central’s financial documents.

Everyone! GSC Live! offers clients a convenient, fast and automated way to handle their precious metals transactions with GoldSilver Central. Clients will be able to monitor prices and make market transactions on the go from their mobiles.

For those looking to perform quick transactions by buying/selling their precious metals, GSC Live! offers them the best possible way to do so with a 1-click trade confirmation system.

Prices on GSC Live! are based on Loco London prices.

Loco refers to Location, which is applicable for Precious Metals - being a physical commodity. Many investors recognize the term “spot gold” which simply refers to “price of gold located in London”. For example, the price Reuters uses is for gold that is located in London - “Loco London”.

London is used for this case as it is historically where Gold was traded. Additionally, it is the place where many leading bullion banks have head offices located at and where major vaults are located at. This means that many settlements for Gold trades are done at this location as well.

Transactions made via GSC Live! are spot (market) prices you bought/sold for the pool-allocated precious metal(s), it does not include the premium attached to the physical product(s) unlike GSC eCommerce store, thus allowing customers to make their physical product choice only when they have selected the product type.

To see the amount to top-up for premiums when you take physical delivery from GSC Live!, please refer to “Schedule 2: Recommended Physical Delivery List” (Page 18) in the GSC Live! Service Agreement here.

Download and registration

Simply prepare your identification card/ passport and bank statement and submit your details via our online registration form here.

Full advance payment of $2,000 SGD is required.

It takes 1-3 business days to set up your GSC Live! account.

Funding and withdrawals

The minimum funding amount is SGD 2,000 for SGD accounts and USD 2,000 for USD accounts. You can find more information on our accepted mode of payments in the next question “How do I fund my account”

You can choose to fund your account via cash (over our retail counter), bank transfer (most clients prefer this) or Cheque (need to be processed before we can fund your account)

Here are the details of GoldSilver Central’s Bank Account:

UOB SGD Current Account
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Singapore
Name of Branch: Head Office
Bank code: 7375
Branch code: 001
Bank Swift code: UOVBSGSG
Account Number: 433-366-0274
Account Name: GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

DBS SGD Current Account
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Name of Branch: South Bridge Branch
Bank code: 7171
Branch code: 010
Bank Swift code: DBSSSGSG
Account Number: 010-903558-3
Account Name: GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

UOB USD Account
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Singapore
Name of Branch: Head Office
Bank code: 7375
Branch code: 001
Bank Swift code: UOVBSGSG
Account Number: 352-930-242-6
Account Name: GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

DBS USD Current Account
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Name of Branch: South Bridge
Bank code: 7171
Branch code: 010
Bank Swift code: DBSSSGSG
Account Number: 0010-002901-01-1
Account Name: GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd

More details on the Standard Settlement Instructions can be viewed here.

It takes up to 1 business day for your funds to be credited into your GSC Live! account.

You can request for your funds from your GSC Live! account by submitting our withdrawal form and receive your funds via cash, cheque or bank transfer (most preferred and convenient).

The withdrawal from can be downloaded here.

Taking physical delivery

Every gold, silver and platinum products on our website are available for conversion.

Clients are able to divide/break down your total converted holdings into multiple products.

Check out all available precious metals here.

Simply email us ( or drop us a call (+65 6222 9703) to notify us on the physical product(s) you would like to take delivery of and top up for the product(s) premium.

Within the day itself. After notifying and confirming the physical item you would like to convert with GSC Live! team, you are required to pay for the physical item(s) premium. This can be done either through a bank transfer or cash at our retail store when you drop by to collect your item/s.  

GSC Live! Account Management

A monthly statement would be sent to your email, summarizing all your transactions made, funds deposited/withdrew, available margin, profit and loss etc.

No, the demo account will not expire.

You can create unlimited demo and live accounts. However, full advance payment of $2,000 SGD is required for each GSC Live! account.

Yes, as long as your login details and password is correct.

User guide

FIFO Policy. A trader is required to close the oldest trades first.

Pending orders would refer to prices set under Buy/Sell Limit and Buy/Sell Stop.

Most certainly. Simply right click on any pending orders and click “cancel” or “modify” accordingly.

Confirmed orders refer to buying or selling positions you have placed on GSC Live! under “Market Execution”.

You cannot cancel confirmed trades that have been executed.

GSC Live! Customer Support

It’s simple, ring us at +65 6222 9703, quote your Login ID and arrange for an appointment date with us to receive your metals.

We are not authorized to provide Trading Advice.

What we can do is understand your Precious Metals Investment objectives, and then suggest certain technical analysis tools for you to consider using to better facilitate your trading decisions.

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