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Selling your Gold Jewellery to GoldSilver Central

GoldSilver Central buys all kinds of Gold Jewellery of different purities (24K 999 to 9K 375) from all forms of Gold Jewellery  such as Gold Rings, Gold Chains, Gold Bracelets, Gold Pendants. We do purchase Gold Jewellery in all different states - regardless of its worn-out/broken/used state.

It would largely depend on the amount of Gold Jewellery you are looking to sell to us and if your Gold Jewellery has element such as gems and stones. We would need to remove the gems and stones (strictly ONLY done after your approval for us to proceed with the removal of external elements).

For example, you have 3-4 pieces of gold jewellery without external elements to remove, we would be able to get the whole process from evaluation to payout done in around 15mins* (.est)

*Timing indicated here must only be purely used for reference.

When the final amount has been confirmed by you and GoldSilver Central, you can choose to have the amount given to you in the form of

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer

Please take note that for Bank Transfers, we would require verification that the account belongs to you via the header of your Bank Statement with the following details: Name, Address, Bank Account Number. Please omit all other sensitive information.

This is to ensure that when we send you the funds, it will be transferred to the correct and rightful account under your name.

For the evaluation of your Gold Jewllery, we would require the purity/fineness and the gold weight in order to provide you with a quote.

The equipments we use for this process are a calibrated digital weighing scale meant for Jewellery and our metal alloy verification analyzer (XRF Analyzer).

We will guide you through the entire process as we verify the items to ensure that you are constantly kept abreast of every single process of the Gold Jewellery buyback.

In order to get the accurate Gold weight to provide the best quote for you, we would require external elements of the Gold Jewellery to be removed such as gems, stones, screws, springs and such.

Please note that if we do need to remove any gems and such from your Gold Jewellery, we will ask for your consent and will ONLY proceed upon your approval.

During the evaluation of your Gold Jewellery, our team will take you through the entire process from start to finish by examining your Gold in front of you. This is to ensure a high level of transparency in the evaluation process.

Before heading to our retail store, you can get an estimated price we will pay for your Gold Jewellery on the calculator presented on our "Selling Gold Jewellery to us" page.


You can check the purity of your Gold Jewellery pieces by the hallmark present on the jewellery such as 916 or 999 or 750 and more.

To monitor gold prices, you can sign up for an online account with us in which you will get a complimentary GSC Live! Account where you can monitor prices on the go.

In the case where the gold is plated or has a purity lower than 9K, we will not buyback the items.

Yes, that is possible as well. Please take note that the buyback invoice, purchase order and amount issued will be addressed and given to the person who has brought the gold to our retail shop.

We do apologize but that is not possible. All sales are final and no refunds will be given on any completed Gold Jewellery that has been sold to us. If you would like the stones or gems on the Gold Jewellery back, do let us know! We'll be happy to pass stone and gems in the gold jewellery back to you.

Please note we might not be able to extract certain fragile stones such as Jade that is deeply embedded in the jewellery - but don't worry! We'll always inform you and seek for your consent before any extraction or cuts take place.

Prices reflected in the Gold Jewellery BuyBack Table are Final! There are no additional charges that we would need to deduct.

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