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Perth Mint

GoldSilver Central carries Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars and Coins from Western Australia’s Perth Mint. Perth Mint’s Precious Metals Coins and Bars collection is well known for its mint standard and high quality of purity. Perth Mint is well known for her Kangaroo Designs for her Gold and Silver Coins (Also known as the Australian Gold Nuggets). In addition, Perth Mint is recognised for the Australian Platypus Platinum Coins. Each coin holds a Legal Tender Value of Australian Dollars. GoldSilver Central is part of the approved list of Perth Mint Coin Distributors in Singapore.

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  • BuyBack Price: SGD 85867.54
  • BuyBack Price: SGD 8597.49
  • BuyBack Price: SGD 432.84
  • BuyBack Price: SGD 2689.89
  • BuyBack Price: SGD 4305.26
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