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In recent quarters, we find ourselves inundated with new buzzwords such as interest rates, inflation, and the strength of the US dollar. Although we may be familiar with these terms, do we genuinely comprehend their influence on Gold prices or how Gold responds to various economic indicators? In this article, we will explore the complex

Gold prices fell by 3.65% or $70 during Q3, which was consistent with our Q3 projection. For Q4 2023, our system suggests that Gold remains on a cyclical downtrend. The bears are still in control and may be attempting to test the strength of demand at US$1,804.10/oz level, which is the current 2023 year low

Dear Valued Clients and Friends, As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve been on together. This special occasion offers us the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation for your unwavering support. Since the easing of the previous Covid-19’s restrictions, we noticed a heartwarming shift. Many of you have

  Grand Prix Singapore, held last Sunday at the iconic Marina Bay Circuit, is a heart-pounding event where the intensity, pressure, and adrenaline rush mirror the world of trading precious metals. In the high-speed world of Formula 1, drivers skillfully navigate the twists and turns of the race circuit, drawing a striking parallel to the

GoldSilver Central would like to take this opportunity to wish our beloved nation a happy and joyous 58th National Day! As we celebrate the achievements of our great country, let us also reflect on our past and rejoice in the progress that has been made. From its humble beginnings as a newly independent state, Singapore has

Personal Finance: Understanding Its Importance Before delving into the details, it is crucial to comprehend why personal finance holds such significance. Understanding where your money goes and how to allocate it effectively is key to achieving financial goals. By mastering the fundamentals of personal finance, you gain the power to make better financial decisions.   1.1

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