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  Did you know, other than purchasing Precious Metals outright through our e-commerce site or over-the-counter, you can also accumulate precious metals gradually. Take your time to save and accumulate the asset and then redeem it whenever you decide.   Accumulating (Precious Metals) gradually allows you to average out your cost and spread out your

“Spot prices dropped by over 4.00% in a span of 60 minutes before rebounding back 2-3 hours later.”   The above situation sounds like how BTC typically behaves with its extreme volatility. (For those of us who doesn’t track BTC, BTC’s price fell by over 55.00% in a span of 2 months recently, with the

Many wonder what other benefits the GSC Collateral Loan Program will have other than the usual that is already known, e.g. short term cash flow. Here we have a perfect case study about how you can keep your physical precious metals but yet still unlock liquidity from it for other available opportunities or need.  

It has been a busy week, you didn’t have much time to look at your Precious Metals (PM) investments during the week. Now that it is coming to the weekend, you decide to purchase some LBMA Good Delivery gold bars as prices having been dipping throughout the week.   BOOM. Wrong move there. You might

GSC Savings Accumulation Program (GSAP) is a unique program whereby we help investors to accumulate precious metals based on the Dollar-Cost Averaging method. By putting aside a minimum amount of SGD 100 a month for 1 cycle (3 months) to accumulate into your preferred precious metal type you are technically doing the following: Taking reference

Have you ever wondered how do bullion dealers come up with the price of your physical gold bar? Is it true that bullion dealers make a lot of profits? Today, we look at the breakdown of a gold bar and why it is important to get a value deal instead of a cheap deal.  

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