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I’ve recently been bombarded with new ideas and information, many of which I cannot digest immediately. There is one concept amongst all which I find interesting and would like to share with you. I believe that a large part of why people want to learn about investing involves dreams like improving their lives and achieving

In our previous article on how to set price alerts to buy and sell on our website. Now, would you be interested to know more about setting price alerts using our platform (GSC Live!)? It is an awesome tool to help in setting price alerts for most of us who are always on our desk

Gold vs Inflation

Since the Russia-Ukraine invasion, Gold experienced a magnificent roller coaster ride, and we witnessed a wave of physical gold holders selling their yellow metal to cash out at another historical high price of nearing US$2,040/oz. At the same time, investors and retail sales were outweighed by a jump in demand, led by a surge in

When it comes to Precious Metals investing, we often hear of well-known mints and refineries such as The Perth Mint, Argor-Heraeus, Austrian Mint, Pamp Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint and more. However, do you know what a mint and a refinery do? And what is the difference between them? Today, we will be sharing some basic

Gold prices went above and beyond on the 8th and 9th of March 2022, before retracing back to levels below US $2,000/oz. Were you experiencing difficulties in reaching out to your dealers to transact, especially so when their phone lines were engaged? It’s always good to be able to transact anytime whenever the price is

The recent war between Russia and Ukraine had far-reaching consequences for the international economy. Our friends in Russia and Ukraine had shared that their valuables (such as Gold) were confiscated by soldiers when they wanted to leave the country for asylum, resulting in them watching their hard-earned money being washed down the drain. However unbelievable,

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