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Inflation refers to the rise in prices of most goods and services of daily or common use. Whenever there is a higher demand than supply, prices will be increased and therefore, leading to inflation. Investors holding on to tangible assets, such as property(s), may like to see inflation in the Real-Estate sector, as that will

We have many clients and new investors who have asked us about what is LBMA and the LBMA Gold price published. In this short article, we will have a short knowledge sharing on these 2 frequently asked questions. LBMA is an association that sets standards and represents the global bullion market players. The members of

Governments around the world including the United States have been utilising monetary policy to aid their economies tide through this pandemic. I think that by now, you would understand with governments injecting liquidity into the market, inflation inevitably will creep up, which will in turn reduce your purchasing power. Investors are now looking at various

Read English version 我们都清楚购买实物贵金属的购买成本较高。这是因为当我们从不同国家把实物贵金属带进来新加坡贩卖时,会有一定的成本。影响购买成本的因素包括储存费用,保险费和运输费等。尽管如此,购买和持有实物贵金属还是有一定的优势。   零交易对手风险: 持有实物贵金属不需要通过中间人或第三方来进行交易。因为身为持有者,您可以直接在世界各地进行交易或贩卖。   有形资产: 如果您持有贵金属,您便拥有它并享有手持实物贵金属的全部优势。包括把玩在手里并欣赏它的美。   具有流动性与便携性: 通过伦敦金银市场协会“合格交割”的贵金属具有极高的市场流动性。它可以随身携带并售予世界各地的授权经销商。相反的,其他形式的投资如世界名画则需要较长的时间来进行交易。   易储存与保养: 实物贵金属价值高而占用空间小,可以轻易储存或收藏于家中。我们有位顾客购买了1000盎司的银条并放在家中的花园作为凳子!您也可以把您的实物贵金属储存于专业的储存库。欢迎查询我们经济实惠的贵金属储存方案!   无需专业知识: 购买黄金无需专业知识或技术。对于其他形式的投资如钻石,名画或古董,您也许需要一定程度的领域知识才能投资。如果您对所购买的贵金属的真伪有顾虑,那么最简单的办法就是向信誉良好的授权经销商购买。   金银中央有限公司已成立十年(今年三月是我们的10周年庆!),是新加坡信誉良好的授权经销商。我们出售来自世界各地,通过伦敦金银市场协会“合格交割”的各类实物贵金属。 如果您有兴趣购买实体贵金属,欢迎您向我们查询更多资料。我们很乐意在投资贵金属的旅途上与您同行并助您一臂之力!       Evonne

阅读中文版本 We know physical bullion carries a premium and this premium includes the cost incurred for storage, insurance and delivery when we bring in the bullion from different countries to Singapore. However, despite paying a premium on top of the precious metals price, there are good reasons on why investors buy and own physical Precious

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries around the world were in lockdown to curb its spread, this led to consumers spending less and saving up more this period. Where can we deploy our funds to weather the uncertainties in the economy? How do we buy into safe haven assets such as precious metals? And

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