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Today I will be sharing varying types of security features in place from various bullion manufacturers to prevent the circulation of counterfeit bullion bars in the trade. I will be sharing a few of the popular brands and their security features. This includes Argor Heraeus, Valcambi, Metalor and last but not least, Pamp Suisse. Argor

Did you know that there are 118 elements in the periodic table, and around 92 of them are metals. What do you think separates Precious Metals from base metals? Come, let’s explore the differences between these types of metals today.   As its name suggests, Precious Metals are scarce. Commonly known as Gold, Silver or

Today, I will be sharing with you some of the possible reasons that led to the recent fall in prices of Gold and Silver. Some contributing factors include the strength of the US dollar, high inflation that led to governments raising interest rates to combat rising inflation and industrial demand coming under pressure.   The

The prices of Precious Metals fluctuate every millisecond. But what exactly affects or determines the prices? Supply and demand? Of course, that is one of the many common answers we hear. Let’s look at some of the other factors affecting the prices of Precious Metals today!   Dollar Index The Dollar’s strength and weakness can

Across the years, I have had the opportunity to come across many new investors looking to add Precious Metals into their portfolio. “Should I buy Gold or Silver? Or both?” This is a question that I hear frequently, and the answer really depends on what each individual is looking for. Let’s first discuss on the


GOLDEN MOMENTS Should you be wondering what is in-store for Daddy dearest on this very special Father’s Day, take a little time off to shop online with GoldSilver Central, just one click away! Every celebratory occasion is a special experience. Most of the time, we put in utmost thought into buying a special gift

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