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The prices of Precious Metals fluctuate every millisecond. But what exactly affects or determines the prices? Supply and demand? Of course, that is one of the many common answers we hear. Let’s look at some of the other factors affecting the prices of Precious Metals today!   Dollar Index The Dollar’s strength and weakness can

Across the years, I have had the opportunity to come across many new investors looking to add Precious Metals into their portfolio. “Should I buy Gold or Silver? Or both?” This is a question that I hear frequently, and the answer really depends on what each individual is looking for. Let’s first discuss on the


GOLDEN MOMENTS Should you be wondering what is in-store for Daddy dearest on this very special Father’s Day, take a little time off to shop online with GoldSilver Central, just one click away! Every celebratory occasion is a special experience. Most of the time, we put in utmost thought into buying a special gift

  One of the most important information all investors would like to know is the prices trend. Prices have a propensity to move directional, forming a trend and trends likely to persist over time.   Peaks and troughs are pattern that are developed by the price movement. Trends are determined by a series of these

I’ve recently been bombarded with new ideas and information, many of which I cannot digest immediately. There is one concept amongst all which I find interesting and would like to share with you. I believe that a large part of why people want to learn about investing involves dreams like improving their lives and achieving

In our previous article on how to set price alerts to buy and sell on our website. Now, would you be interested to know more about setting price alerts using our platform (GSC Live!)? It is an awesome tool to help in setting price alerts for most of us who are always on our desk

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